The Heartland Horde WHEREVER YOU MAY ROAM Est.

We're a rag-tag group of football lovers who are dedicated the Seattle Sounders FC.  We represent the largest geographical area of Sounders' supporters – the Heartland.  Our members can be found between the Rockies and the Appalachians, between Green Bay and Austin.


We started way back in 2009 when a few friends decided to band together to let the folks from the Sounders know they have support in the Midwest.  We thought of a few names but eventually someone on the Emerald City Supporters forum suggested our name.  We were initially admitted into the Subgroup fray but we lost a few members.  Now we are back at strength and we’re going to keep growing!


It’s difficult to describe exactly what we do outside of Sounders games since we are so spread out.  Some of us run a local club in Iowa, others are marathoners in Arkansas.  Then there are who those can’t get enough of the collegiate game in Nebraska or minor league soccer in Oklahoma.  One of us is currently writing a cookbook (and has been for the past twelve years).